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  • Understand Estate Planning; Is Estate Planning Only For The Elderly?

    Is Estate Planning Only For the Elderly? While estate and long-term health/financial planning may appear to be a concern solely for the elderly population, creating a solid estate plan is actually something that should be done sooner than later and, is not limited to one’s …

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    8 Michigan Child Support Formula Changes Effective January 2017

    The Michigan Child Support Formula Manual (MCSF) has been updated effective January 1st, 2017. The last Michigan child support update was done nearly 4 years ago in 2013 – the latest revisions include not only updated economic factors when calculating child support but procedural changes …

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    Hiring a Private Investigator For Your Legal Case – Getting the Information We Need

    At Corriveau Law we have associations with professionals of various fields of practice including private eyes. We work hard to always provide you with the best legal assistance and services. “Your legal needs are our priority! “ Today, we welcome back Paladin Investigations & Protections, LLC …

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    Muddling Through The Mess: Divorce and The Holidays

    Divorce is difficult any time of the year but can be especially difficult around the holidays. Fears of being alone during the holidays and spoiling holiday memories loom overhead. Divorce brings about a whole host of emotions from stress, anger, anxiety, to sadness; coupled with …

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    Do You Need A Lawyer To Divorce In Michigan?

    Do I Need a Lawyer To Divorce In Michigan? “The simple answer is yes; while the law does not force you to get an attorney. Much like anything else, without the knowledge and experience important aspects of children and property division might be overlooked without …

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  • Ask the Lawyer: Should I Vacate My Home During My Divorce?

    A commonly asked question and a bit more complicated to answer than one may think. When deciding whether or not to vacate your family home during a divorce the answer frequently ‘is not’ cut and dry; and, will depend on your specific set of circumstances. …

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