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Concerned about protecting your assets due to judgement against you or a medical emergency that forces you into a nursing home?

Corrriveau Law can structure your assets to best protect your family.

1. Irrevocable Trusts

We can create a trust that enables you to maintain complete control of your assets while protecting them from predators and creditors.

A trust may also allow you to pass assets on to your children that can protect them from lawsuits and nursing home expenses, to name a few.

2. Trust Funding

A trust is only useful if assets are transferred into the trusts name. Corriveau Law can assist in transferring property titles and other financial assets into  the trust, so they are properly funded

3. MedicAID implications – Pre-crisis planning

Medicaid is available to those with a limited income and does cover the cost of a nursing home. With properly planning your assets may not be considered by Medicare in determining your eligibility.  The type of trusts done at Corriveau Law permit you to maintain full control and access to your income while ensuring your assets are not counter  towards your eligibility for MedicAID.

4. Avoiding Probate

Creating a legal framework to protect your assets for future generations is far better than leaving it up to  the courts to decide the fate of your hard earned assets. A proper plan can also help to avoid costly fights amongst heirs.

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