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What are my Options?

There are many reasons for ending a marriage, and there are many options to consider if you want out. We can help you take stock of your options and choose something that is right for you. We can help you deal with a variety of issues.

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Custody &
Parenting Time

Child custody does not have to be a combative and emotionally difficult issue in divorce. At Corriveau Law we will help you in determining which form of custody is in your child’s best interest and the standards used by the Court.

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Child &
Spousal Support

Are complex issues that can create a great deal of confusion and resentment in divorce. To avoid putting yourself into a difficult financial situation, you need an attorney who knows the support guidelines and the requirements of the law.

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Northville Divorce & Family Lawyers Protecting Your Rights at Crucial Times

  • The breakup of a marriage can be difficult and as your attorneys, we will use our experience to solve your legal problems.
  • Don’ wait to speak with an attorney when litigation become inevitable.  Protecting your assets starts prior to any filing.
  • While a divorce is a legal separation from your spouse, you must also view it as a plan for your new future.
  • Until speaking with an attorney at Corriveau Law, we urge you not to agree to anything you do not understand.
  • A Corriveau Law we can plan for your estate both now and in the future.
  • Problems with Department of Human Services? Child Protective Services? Call Corriveau Law.
  • Is your spouse neglecting payments to you? Call Corriveau Law.

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