Making Your Divorce Work for You Down the Road

At Corriveau Family Law, we pride ourselves in minimizing the need for modification and post-judgment issues. Unfortunately, a significant portion of our case loads include clarifying or enforcing Judgments and Orders prepared by other Firms.

Most often ones need for modification of their Judgment are seen in the areas of spousal support, child support, parenting time and child care.

At Corriveau Family Law you will be evaluated on what circumstances are  necessary before a Court will consider making a modification.

Relief, Modification and Enforcement

Generally divorce judgment provisions concerning child custody, parenting time, child support, and spousal support are modifiable, while property division and alimony in gross provisions are not. The Court generally has no jurisdiction to modify a divorce judgment unless a party files a motion requesting it.

Relief from Judgments are governed by the same rules as used in other civil actions. They include:

  • Motion for a new trial on Rehearing. MCR 2.611
  • Amendment or Correction of Judgments. MCR 2.610(A)
  • Clarification of Judgments.
  • Stipulation to Set Aside.
  • Motion to Set Aside. MCR 2.612
  • Fraud, Misrepresentation or Misconduct. MCR 2.612.

A Court may order the opposing party to pay attorney fees that are incurred during post-trial motions if the fees and expenses were incurred because the other party was able to comply with the previous Court Order but refused. MCR 3.203(C)(2)(b).

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