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    Where Should You Keep Your Estate Planning Documents?

    Great, you have an estate plan, but does anyone know where it is located? Do you know where the best place is to keep your estate planning documents?  Today, Corriveau Law is sharing: Where and How to Best Store Your Will Safety Deposit Box – …

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    Creating an Estate Plan for Your Pets

    When creating your estate plan don’t forget your pets. Over 65% of households in the United States own pets and chances are if you are among those pet owners you likely consider that animal to be a part of your family. If the proper provisions …

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    Estate Planning for Parents of Children with Disabilities

    If you have a child with a disability, the need to plan for your future, and your child’s future is absolutely critical. At any given moment something could happen to you and therefore, leave your child at risk. Whether it is death, illness, disability, or …

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    Distracted Driving

    Kids are back to school and that means a greater chance of distracted drivers on the road. “At any daylight moment across America, approximately 660,000 drivers are using cell phones or manipulating electronic devices while driving, a number held steady since 2010.” (NOPUS) According to …

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    License Restoration – Winning Your Drivers License Back After Revocation

    License Restoration – Winning Your Drivers License Back After Revocation If you have lost your driver’s license following a conviction of an OWI let me start by saying winning your license back after having it revoked will have nothing to do with your ‘need’ for …

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    Michigan DUI and OWI What You Need to Know

    Michigan DUI & OWI – What You Need to Know Michigan law enforcement refers to most drunk driving incidences as OWI (operating while intoxicated) rather than, DUI (driving under the influence). However, for all intense purposes the two are basically synonymous. How Much Do You …

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    Do You Need A Lawyer To Divorce In Michigan?

    Do I Need a Lawyer To Divorce In Michigan? “The simple answer is yes; while the law does not force you to get an attorney. Much like anything else, without the knowledge and experience important aspects of children and property division might be overlooked without …

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  • Ask the Lawyer: Should I Vacate My Home During My Divorce?

    A commonly asked question and a bit more complicated to answer than one may think. When deciding whether or not to vacate your family home during a divorce the answer frequently ‘is not’ cut and dry; and, will depend on your specific set of circumstances. …

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