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    Hiring a Private Investigator For Your Legal Case – Getting the Information We Need

    At Corriveau Law we have associations with professionals of various fields of practice including private eyes. We work hard to always provide you with the best legal assistance and services. “Your legal needs are our priority! “ Today, we welcome back Paladin Investigations & Protections, LLC …

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    Distracted Driving

    Kids are back to school and that means a greater chance of distracted drivers on the road. “At any daylight moment across America, approximately 660,000 drivers are using cell phones or manipulating electronic devices while driving, a number held steady since 2010.” (NOPUS) According to …

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  • Michigan ATV Use What You Need To Know

    Summer in Michigan means there is no better time to head outdoors. For Michigan residence this often means the use of an abundance of ‘big-kid’ toys: boating, All-Terrain Vehicles (ATV), Jet Ski’s, etc. If you’re planning a summer outing and intend to use an ATV …

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  • Hiring An Attorney

    10 Key Points You Should Consider When Hiring Your Next Lawyer

    Hiring an Attorney? 10 Key Points You Should Consider Before Hiring Your Next Potential Lawyer. Corriveau Law provides a free initial consultation to discuss the basic details of your situation and to best provide you with any opportunity to ask some basic questions. Here are some …

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