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    Take Your Dog To Work Day – 3 Legal Tips to Consider

    “Take your dog to work day” is Friday, June 23rd, 2017. While bringing your four-legged companion to work may sound like a warm and fuzzy idea – animals in the work place can raise some hair raising legal liability issues as well. Today, Corriveau Law …

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    Leaving the Scene of An Automobile Accident: Hit-and-Run

    According to Michigan Traffic Crash Facts in 2015 every 1 minute 46 seconds a traffic crash occurs and of these nearly 10%  are comprised of  hit-and-run auto accidents. Leaving the scene of an accident is a violation of Michigan’s Motor Vehicle Code. The Michigan Motor …

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    Understanding Slip and Fall Accidents

    Summer showers quickly turning to freezing rain, ice, and snow: like it or not winter in Michigan is just around the corner. As it turns out the changing elements, temperatures, and falling leaves are not the only things ‘falling’. Slip and fall accidents are in …

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